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Serving Imperial Beach, National City,
La Mesa and All of San Diego
Serving Imperial Beach, National City,
La Mesa and All of San Diego

How to Teach Children About Recycling

Teaching the next generation how to properly care for the earth is an essential responsibility of parents and involved adults. Most children are excited to reuse, repurpose and recycle, and they can make a huge impact when they know what to do. Start small by explaining the cycle of trash and how to reduce the landfill burden and increase the health of wild animals. After kids understand the concepts, use active methods to help set lifetime habits.

Encourage Awareness

The best way to begin raising awareness in children is to point out trash and recyclables in their daily life. At home, teach them which materials can be recycled in your area and then ask them to help you watch for and sort these materials from the family’s waste. When you are out and about, encourage children to use waste bins that sort trash from recyclable materials. You may even want to take a field trip to a nearby park armed with gloves and bags where you can collect litter and deliver the recyclables to their proper destination.
Create a Craft
Teaching kids recycling will be more successful if they are having fun. Help them decorate sorting bins for your home or even their own room. You might even host a family recycling craft night where each member uses clean discarded materials to create a work of art.
Read a Story Together
There are multiple picture books and children’s stories focused on the benefits of reducing waste and taking care of the environment. Use these and other titles during your next story time:
  • The Lorax
  • The Adventures of an Aluminum Can
  • The Great Paper Caper
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